Your use of the Easol platform is subject to the following terms:

- Easol Trading Limited (“Easol”) is a site and application provider –we provide software systems and services allowingthird parties on our online platform to advertise, market, sell, promote and/or offer (as applicable) their products and services (“Suppliers”)to operate their websites and communicate with their customers. Easol does not control any of the products, services, information (whether texts, pictures or graphics), descriptions and documentation (“Content”) on a Supplier’s site or application. Easol also provides payment processing services on behalf of the Supplier.

- We do not act as agent for you. Rather we act as an agent for the Suppliers and, on theirbehalf, canconclude agreements for the provision of products and services by the Suppliers to you. As part of this role we shallreceive payments related to each Supplier’s products and services provided to youin accordance with your agreement with the Supplier. Any booking or orderisfor a product or service that you are receiving from a Supplierand the Supplier is responsible for fulfilling the delivery of that booking or order. There is no ongoing contractual relationship between you and Easol in relation to the Supplier’s site or any products or services on that site. You should carefully read the Supplier’s terms and conditions. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints, or wish to cancel your order or booking, you should contact the Supplier directly.

- Your data provided to the site or application will be stored by Easol, in accordance with its privacy policy.

- Easol may use an appropriately regulatedthird party payment processor in relation to its payment processing services. Please note, Easol is a payment agent of the Supplier andreceipt of payment from you (in accordance with your contractual relationship with the Supplier) will extinguish your obligation to make payment of that sum to the Supplier, however Easol accepting payment from you does not create any ongoing contractual relationship witbetween you and Easol in relation to the product or service. Before making a payment you will need to create an Easol account where you will need to read and agree to certain additional terms and policies.

- While Easol does not control any Content on the site and has no responsibility to monitor Content on the site, if any Content posted by you in our opinion infringes any applicable laws, regulations or third party rights or in our view is obscene, indecent, pornographic, seditious, offensive, defamatory, threatening, liable to incite racial hatred, menacing or in breach of any third party intellectual property rights (“Inappropriate Content”) we reserve the right to remove the Inappropriate Content and terminate your account. If you are found to be posting or uploading Inappropriate Content to the site or application Easol will contact the Supplier and/or take steps to remove your access to the site or application.

- Please note, if a refund is made to you for any reason by the supplier, the refund shall be made less any platform, transaction and processing fees paid to Easol by the supplier. Please refer to the supplier’s terms and conditions for further details.